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Men Rock - Mens Bundle

Men Rock bundle consisting of:

Men Rock Beard Oil – Original (29ml)
Men Rock Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Soap (100ml)
Men Rock Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Balm (100ml)

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Men Rock Beard Oil – Original (29ml)

Our original beard oil oozes just that – originality.

A unique and stand-out scent packed full of all natural ingredients, this beard oil is bristling with notes of rosemary, Virginia cedar wood grapefruit & jojoba, culminating in a rich and earthy fresh fragrance.

Just like a Malbec or Merlot, our beard oil matures with age, creating a truly versatile and venerable scent.

Men Rock Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Soap (100ml)

Our Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Shampoo is just like its twin balm – light, refreshing and packing a powerful caffeine punch.

Ideal for those grey and groggy Monday mornings where you don’t want to wake up, and neither does your beard.

Step 1: Muster the courage to crawl/roll/slither out of bed.

Step 2: Apply and lather in our lime and caffeine infused beard shampoo.

Step 3: massage well into your beard and skin and rinse it out with warm water.

Step 4: Lay thine eyes upon the mirror and marvel at the unparalleled majesty that is your freshly washed and perfectly groomed beard.

PRO TIP: To give your face rug some extra lovin, use our caffeine infused lime beard balm in tandem as part of your morning routine for some extra moisturising action.

Men Rock Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Balm (100ml)

If the zesty citrus notes of Sicilian Lime aren’t enough to give you some get up and go with your morning beard wash, the active caffeine ingredient will seriously kick-start your day.

Not only does the subtle fragrance of the soothing beard balm smell great (though we wouldn’t recommend eating it), its moisturising properties will leave your furry face itch free and soft as a babies behind.