By Terry

Dr Sebagh




CODAGE Paris is a new generation of french skincare that provides daily nutrition to your skin through an exclusive wardrobe of high-performance serums designed to mix and match and solve every major skin concerns. CODAGE in French means "code": every formula is an intricate code that uses precise dosage and synergistic combinations to target the specific individual needs of both men and women with any skin type.

Inherited from the traditional French pharmacy, CODAGE Paris is conducted by a brother and sister duo, Julien and Amandine Azencott, heirs of a long tradition of cosmetology and recognized as the "Ambassadors of the new generation of the beauty made in France. As French creators, aesthetics inspire the sensuality of their textures and the refinement of theirs preparations, for a subtle and exhaustive offer of serums and other skincare products. Excelling in the art of formulation "à la française" and through extensive research, CODAGE Paris cultivates efficacy...


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